EDUCATION IN FINLAND – Learning from a World Class System

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Some feedback from people who visited Finland February 2016: “It was extremely well organised. The company was excellent. We were made to feel extremely welcome throughout the visit. The opportunity made me reflect and think deeply about the differences in our education systems and consider what it is that really makes a difference to providing a learning environment to enable all children to learn, thrive and flourish.”  And another feedback:“I was inspired by the early years provision, challenged by the practice at the high school and thoroughly enjoyed meeting such an energetic and passionate group of teachers and children. “

Why should you hear and learn about education in Finland?

The Finnish education system is well known worldwide, because of its continuous excellent results and success in global tests. Our EDUfinn network´s successful co-operation between English and Finnish education experts has opened up an opportunity to share our knowledge.

EDUfinn is a network organisation that collects together headteachers, teachers and education experts. From Finland we will have the best experts and speakers who know the daily practices and the last results of the research. EDUFinn network is focusing in education from kindergarten to 16 years of age.

EDUfinn is going to organize many kind of activities in the near future:

  • Larger scale conferences for headteachers, experts and local authorities
  • Individually designed conferences for a school or a local authority
  • Pedagogical conferences for teachers and experts
  • Individually designed pedagogical conferences and consultation for an individual school or schools together
  • Pedagogical consultation
  • Teacher exchange program between England and Finland (both ways)
  • Head teachers visits both ways
  • English education experts as speakers in conferences in Finland

Our EDUFinn network is very proud to offer these option to you. We are sure that they are very useful when you are developing your school.


Group from England in Finland, February 2016

Finland: A small country with great achievements.

The EDUFinn crew with His Excellency Pekka Huhtaniemi, Ambassador of Finland

The EDUfinn crew with His Excellency Pekka Huhtaniemi, Ambassador of Finland


EDUfinn excursion group in Finland in November 2015, Mikkola school, City of Vantaa